When the student is ready the teacher appears...

I guess this blog post is dedicated to my Mom! It's hard for me to admit but apparently she was right and always is :-P Her favorite sentence lately is:  


I don't know if you have ever heard that sentence before but if you start looking around you will find many people who suddenly appeared to you life to change it in a positive way!!It might be possible that other people already told you things a thousand times but you did not understand them because you(the student) were not ready yet. If you are ready someone will show up an you will have these "Flash-Thoughts" I talked about in my last post.

I want to talk to you about my teacher (sorry mom but it's not you), who lately came to my life (sure you don't only have one teacher but this one is so important that I have to tell you about her). Her name is Stevie, a beautiful, organized, helpful, caring, open-hearted, kind ... (can go on for hours)... loving mom and wife. I know her through family friends and she helped me so many times already and she was always there when I needed her most. THANK YOU STEVIE!! When I was "homeless" in my first week in Cali, she and her husband Jason gave me a bed, food and warm water. Jason also helped me find a place to stay, a car and a new friend in my life! Jason - I owe you big time!!!!

Why do i think Stevie is my teacher? Ok first because she just lately appeared to my life, second because she already opened my eyes sooo many times and third because I feel it.  How can a single person do that? I don't know! I just know that all she says, the way she says it and the things she has experienced in her life all make sense to me. I cannot really tell you why. Every time we talk I have at least one flash-thought. I know there is a reason for everything. And I know there is a reason why I came to California maybe to find my love, maybe to find a job or maybe just for ONE more important reason to find MY TEACHER. STEVIE! Thank you very much for everything!!!